The construction process begins with an extensive Project Pre-Plan. The Pre-Plan process begins with assigning team members which include Superintendent and Project Manager. The Project team will discuss and address the following concerns:

  1. Develop the site utilization plan to address staging area, phasing requirements, public safety, traffic control, site access and other key concerns.
  2. Identify any long lead time items.
  3. Determine major labor and equipment needs.
  4. Write the critical path schedule.

Once the construction activities are ready to begin, our Project team’s experience and resources will bring the Project to life.

We will vigorously monitor and expedite Submittals, Approvals, and Procurement. We will coordinate all trades and materials with constant eye on schedule and budget. On-site weekly progress meetings are held to gauge the progress and address any areas that may be behind and call for corrective measures. The monitoring and execution of the Project will continue all the way through Project Close-out.

Safety is a paramount concern on all of our Projects; our approach to safety includes ongoing training and strictly enforced workplace policies.

Quality Control is essential on all of our Projects to ensure that outcomes always meet or exceed Owner and Design Team expectations.