Jim N' Nick's Community BBQ Lands in Oxford, AL

The interior space boasts cedar siding and all new finishes ..

Founded in 1985 in Birmingham, AL, Jim N’ Nick’s is beloved not just for their signature ‘low n’ slow’ BBQ, but for that southern goodness that knows good things take time and tradition. Their new home in Oxford, AL continues their legacy of community building; their new location is a complete reinvention of the former space—a welcome gathering spot for casual get togethers with family and friends. The exterior glow up called for replacing all siding and roofing complemented by exterior brick masonry and Hardie board—fiber cement siding with the warmth of wood and resistance to the trials of a hot, humid climate. The interior space boasts cedar siding and all new finishes, from tilework and polished concrete floors to custom built faux warehouse style windows that bring continuity between the front and back of house. Next time you’re in Oxford, be sure to pay them a visit!