White Pillars Renovation

  Constructed at the turn of the century and carefully restored in the late 1960's, this Biloxi landmark was for 20 years one of the South's most prestigious restaurant properties.  The original building was built by Dr. Hyman McMacken Folkes, a native Mississippian and 1894 Tulane Medical School graduate and was originally referred to as Gunston Hall.  The architectural style of the original house is Neoclassical Revival (1895-1950), it has a two-story portico featuring four ionic order columns and follows the rule of restrained use of decorative details. This was a popular architectural style on the Mississippi Gulf Coast at the time of construction.  In 1968 the property was purchased by the Mladinich family and converted from multi-residential units into the White Pillars Restaurant and Lounge.  The Mladinich family added a New Orleans styled enclosed courtyard for additional dining and left the remaining structure in tact creating seven dining rooms.  The building was operated as the White Pillars Restaurant and Lounge from 1968 to 1989. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Mladinich family decided to renovate the building to preserve its history.   The most noticeable change to the structure is the removal of the glassed courtyard room. The beautiful front façade of the building is exposed for the first time since the ownership of the Folkes. An enclosed interior courtyard was added to the building to create an additional dining room. The renovation plan modified the existing rest rooms to meet the new ADA guidelines and add two new ADA compliment rest rooms south of the proposed kitchen area. COMVEST Properties, LLC served as the owner/developer for the White Pillars Renovation & Addition.  Zito-Russell Architects, PC designed the addition and renovation to the building.  Rogers & Willard, Inc. was selected by the owner to serve as the General Contractor to complete the building addition and renovation.  A tenant / operator is currently being sought to bring the restaurant to life.