Three Things You Can Do to Be Environmentally Friendly

Acting and building sustainably is not just a popular trend right now, it is necessary to sustain and take care of our world. While going completely green or off the grid can actually be expensive and nearly impossible for businesses and families. However, there are a few things builders and homeowners can do to act sustainably when working on a new construction and we’ve listed our favorite three below from How Stuff Works.

Watch The Windows

Updating windows to better sealed and better insulated models can help largely in the fight against high energy costs. Energy-efficient windows typically use a number of features to separate the climate-controlled air in your home from outside air.

Pay Attention to Your Water

Some estimates suggest that heating water accounts for a third of a home or business's energy consumption. While this type of improvement can be expensive, there are ways to save on water-heating energy costs. First, make sure your water heater is the right size for your home or business. A heater that is too small may night meet your needs, but a heater that is too big will waste energy. You can check your heaters First Hour Rating, (FHR) a measure of its ability to produce water during high-demand situations, to get an idea of how well your current heater meets your needs.

Work Efficiently

It’s no secret that appliances use a great source of energy, so it is important to have the right kind of appliances working for you. While you shouldn’t go out and buy energy efficient appliances while the ones you currently own are working just fine, you should be aware of what energy you’re using and why. Do you have to have the water running the entire time you’re washing dishes? Do you run the dishwasher with only a few dishes in it? Take note of your current habits and brainstorm how you can make them more efficient without disrupting the flow of your life.