Three Creative Storage Solutions

Sometimes, storage is limited, it’s an unfortunate truth, but that doesn’t mean that you have to throw away important documents or possessions that is important to your business or your family. Instead, try one of these tips to help create some room for those important belongings that you simply cannot get rid of.   Corner Shelves   Most rooms have four walls, which means there are four empty corners probably with nothing in them, so change that! Instead of option to put a file cabinet or desk in a corner, opt for corner shelves to help you maximize your space. These shelves are also a cool design element and if you’re feeling bold you can paint them to add some serious flair to the room you’re putting them in. rg2 Back of Doors   Using the back of doors is an inexpensive way to maximize space in any type of room. Attach crates for papers or heavier items, hooks for clothing items or purses or use a shoe holder to store way more than just shoes (try cleaning products, hair tools and even cooking utensils). If you want it to look more designed opt for color spray painting the crates or hooks a color that matches the room they’ll be hanging in. Ceiling Storage                               Many people don’t think the ceiling is viable option for storing things, but if you’re storing something that you don’t need to use often why not store it on the ceiling? While it is not the best idea to store daily necessities on the ceiling because of the time you’d spend climbing up and a down a ladder to get them, it is a good idea to consider storing things like bikes, or seasonal decorations on the ceiling. It’s create more floor space for you and if done creatively can act as decor for your space.