The Buick Building

In 1926 the historic Buick Building, also known as the Turner-Todd Motor Company was built in the area that is known today by longtime Mobile residents as “Automobile Alley.” At the time when it was first built it housed and sold Buicks. This building was just one part of a lively downtown community the 1920s and 1930s. The automotive industry was booming and the motor company was bursting at the seams. So in 1955 an addition was added to the building.


Eighty-nine years later the Buick Building still stands and has since gotten a facelift thanks to Rogers& Willard, a local construction company that specializes in completing projects in a highly cost-efficient manner. Renovation of the 20,000 square foot space began last year and wrapped up during the summer of 2015. Although the inside has been updated, their construction company has left much of the buildings old school charm. Since the renovation of the building, three different companies have moved in, including Rogers &Willard and there is still room for more.


Besides this five million dollar endeavor, Rogers & Willard has 18 other projects underway in the Mobile, AL area with no plans of slowing down.