Rogers & Willard Celebrates 30 Years, Transitions Ownership

Mike Rogers Now Majority Owner

As Rogers & Willard, Inc. celebrates 30 years in business this year, the company is also experiencing another significant moment in the company’s history: a transition of ownership. Mike Rogers has officially become the majority owner of the company.

“This change in ownership at Rogers & Willard is an opportunity for a fresh start,” says Rogers. “We have positioned our company as one of the best contractors in Alabama, and my goal is to be recognized as one of the best contractors of our size in the United States.”

Originally named McAleer-Rogers, the company was formed in 1990 by Mike Rogers, Pat and Guy McAleer. In 1992, Steve Willard joined the company, and the name was changed to McAleer-Rogers-Willard. Eventually, Rogers and Willard became the sole owners of Rogers & Willard, Inc. Prior to Willard, the company focused mainly on commercial construction in Mobile, Alabama.

“Steve’s contributions to the company were significant,” Rogers says. “Over his nearly 30 years here, Steve helped us build upon what we were doing while continuing to move the company into new markets. He played a big role in building our presence in the retail market seeking work in other states and developing relationships with national clients including restaurants, service stations, and drug stores.”

While Rogers will now serve as the company’s majority shareholder, he credits the rest of the Rogers & Willard team for the company’s success. “We have such a great team of people in the office and the field,” he says. “They are on the front lines of what we do and deserve a lot of credit for our success.” He adds that he is excited about having other shareholders, including Ryan Ott, Bill Davis, and Julie Beall to move the company forward to the next chapter.

A native of Mobile and graduate of McGill-Toolen High School, Rogers received a degree in Building Science from Auburn University in 1987. After moving to Nashville to start his career in construction, Rogers moved back to Mobile and co-founded the company, which has now performed work in 20-plus states and has grown to include approximately 30 employees.

 “Steve will certainly be missed, but we are excited about the future of our company and our goals, including continuous improvement and growth,” Rogers says.