Rogers Willard Blog

It’s a new year and that means it is as good a time as any to give your commercial space a facelift. Whether your business is a restaurant that serve hundreds of clients every day or if your like us and work in a newly renovated building and just want to bring the building to life, we’ve got some suggestions that will make your commercial space more inviting.

Music-Whether your business deals with customers from day to day or not, playing music softly in the background can change the entire mood of an office, especially a waiting room or restaurant. But rather than top forty or music with a lot of bass, opt for softer tunes, like smooth jazz or classical music.

Accent Pillows- Perfect for waiting rooms in offices where patrons may have to wait for long periods of time. You want your customer base to be comfortable while they wait, but also feel invited to sit down on the furniture. While really fancy accent pillows may make your customers feel like they are too nice to sit on, solid colors will feel more inviting and comfortable.

Candles-Just imagine the aroma of vanilla bean filling your lobby as you enter the building, or maybe you want something milder and subtle like clean linen. It’s not that offices smell bad, they just don’t smell particularly great, but a few candles can change that in minutes. Worried about it being a fire hazard? Opt for wall flowers or wax warmers, same great smell, but less hazardous.