Rain Delays

Spring is upon us, meaning more rain, stronger storms and sudden temperature changes in the Southeastern portion of the United States. With the rebirth of nature comes more delays in an already over-extended building schedule. We at Rogers & Willard want to share a few tips with you on how to stay productive during times when it doesn’t seem like you can, like a rainy day. Time management is key to seeing a project through to completion, so make the most of your time by focusing on just one task. Multi-tasking takes away from this focus, so turn off your phone or just don’t read the emails that keep dinging on your phone. Make a schedule for your day but have a backup plan for inclement weather. Rain delays are the best for a staff meeting. The entire crew is on-site and ready to work so there’s no better time to have a project meeting. Also, good weather means the crew should be hard at work and there may not be time for a meeting of the minds. Stick to an agenda to keep the meeting productive. The time spent discussing projects with co-workers or crew members can be good for morale too. On a personal note, rainy days are good for setting a few hours aside for you. Reward your hard work and dedication to doing a job well by treating yourself.