Offices Around the World

Offices Around the World

While we love the work that we do at Rogers & Willard we make it a point to not only get inspired by the work that we do in Mobile, but also the work that we see all around the world. We love these offices below because the creative construction and amazing use of innovation.

Red Bull Canada 

“Beyond simply making the office space larger, the main goal was to create an inspiring space for administrative staff who are normally relegated to bland, impersonal spaces. The company also aimed to use predominantly reclaimed materials.”

Material Architecture Group

“Architecture Group Materium engages the interior configuration by introducing an axis which is crafted out of a 10 meter long table. The surface is the center piece of the conception which serves multiple functions simultaneously; as a table, an organizer and a platform whereby creative and informal discussions can happen.”

Pacific Brands Underwater Group

“A monochrome palette provides the optimal backdrop to showcase the latest season’s trends to buyers. Pinnable walls appear in meeting rooms and hallways on sliding frames, allowing designers to mount mood-boards and visual stimuli with ease. The office floor provides endless storage options for samples and fabrics, with peg boards, retail racking, docking stations and a seamstress storage facility all custom-made and cut to PBUG’s specifications. Height-adjustable workstations are also integrated that make tasks such as measuring, pattern-making, garment modification and fabric testing much easier.”

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