Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky

We continue to be inspired by the buildings and people of our world who live and work in them. In our appreciation of how all things are built, and our historical hometown of Mobile, Alabama, we take a look at the tiny space. While most of us are trying to construct buildings big enough to hold many people, some are finding the tiniest way possible to live their daily lives.

Take for instance, this 196 sq. ft. home that belongs to architect, Macy Miller and family. The home cost a total of $11,000 and is paid for.


This next small home is built by a company in Chattanooga, Tennessee, called Wind River Tiny Homes who build nothing but, you guessed it, tiny homes. The home below is priced at $50,000. The company will build it and deliver to your site on a special trailer in the United States.

To see their floor plans and read more about the company, visit:

Hard to believe that the next house has three bedrooms and comes in with a grand total of 874 sq. ft. The house includes a full kitchen with “booth” seating and a great room.

Too see this house plan and for more information, visit: