Innovative Building with BLOX

Rogers & Willard recently took on its first project for the Doctors Hospital of Laredo, and it afforded us another first: building with BLOX.

We built Doctors Hospital Emergency Room Saunders, a much needed 24-hour freestanding emergency department in Laredo, using BLOX’s Design Manufacture Construct (DMC) methods. BLOX, LLC provides modular solutions for the nation’s largest healthcare providers. BLOX’s design optimizes methods of manufacturing and assembly to produce fully fitted Uber Modules which are transported and fitted together rapidly at the construction site. Portions of the building that cannot be worked into Uber Modules are designed to be flat-packed from their plant in Bessemer, Alabama as a kit-of-parts that snap together on site.

Our team prepped the site in Laredo for the new 10,000-plus square foot facility. Then we received the building modules on-site for installation, connecting and finishing the building out with the kit-of-parts. “It’s an incredible process,” said Project Manager Todd Amos. “It was our first experience with the process, which is very innovative.”

Constructing the project with BLOX allowed our team many benefits. First and foremost was the speed of construction. We built the freestanding ER faster than the standard construction process. In addition, the process was more efficient with less waste. “Since the building was manufactured in BLOX’s warehouse, they were able to ensure all materials were either used or recycled,” Amos said. “On a construction site, it’s almost impossible to be that efficient.”

 Quality was also a bonus with BLOX. The modules were manufactured in a controlled environment by skilled professionals and laborers who were able to produce each module to meet certain specific, specialized standards. Because there was reduced waste, and construction was faster, there were cost savings for the client.

Rogers & Willard started the project in January 2019, and the project was completed on October 20, 2019. “By working with BLOX, we completed the project much faster than conventional construction, and we did so on time and in budget,” Amos added.