Four Foundations of a Successful House Build

If you have been inspired by stories of self-builders on the television, or have been flicking through glossy architecture magazines with envy, you might be considering building your own home. Although not a task to be undertaken lightly, more and more people are opting to construct a brand new building which is designed to match their exact requirements, and if you simply can’t find what you are looking for on the property market, a self-build project could be the answer. Whatever your motivation for building your own grand design – from creating more space for a growing family, to gaining a home in your dream location – there are a few essential things to keep in mind. Read on for the four foundations of any successful house build; foundations you will need to have in place to take your dream home from concept to reality. Inspiration If you aren’t inspired, the design you create for your new home will be bland and boring. Constructing your own home is the perfect opportunity to incorporate all of your favourite features into one beautiful building, so make sure you do plenty of research to get a definite idea of what you are looking to achieve. Visit properties that you like to look of and speak to other self-builders to get inspired, and remember that inspiration can be found everywhere – in commercial buildings as well as in residential homes. Whatever kind of architectural style you prefer, you can replicate it (planning permission permitting) with your own property. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to designing your dream home, so seize the opportunity to create a building which you will love for a lifetime. Planning From initial ideas and inspiration to securing planning permission and effective project management, planning is the most important part of any self-build project. Without careful planning, your build will progress in an unstructured manner, or fail to progress at all, and you could soon find yourself slipping behind schedule and over budget in no time at all. This is where a professional project manager can help. With the ability to coordinate all contractors and tradespeople working on the build, your project manager will help to keep everything running smoothly. In addition to a project manager, it might be worth hiring a quantity surveyor for larger builds, who can help to minimise your costs without compromising on quality. People Picking the right people can make the difference between a successful build and an unsuccessful one. Carefully choose your building contractor and make sure that they can deliver exactly what you are looking for. Checking out testimonials and previous work is a good way to ensure that you select the right builder, and you should always draw up a contract to ensure that both you and your builder are on the same page. Similarly, selecting your architect is an important part of the self-build process, so take care to find someone who shares your vision and can help to translate your ideas into a reality. Budget Unless you are lucky enough to have unlimited cash to fuel your project, budget will be one of the biggest considerations during your build. Carefully cost each stage of the job – from walls and windows right down to the last light bulb – and be sure to include a contingency to cover you should anything go wrong. Before you begin, consider how you are going to balance committing time to your build with your everyday work, and make sure that you have the finance in place to successfully complete the project – ideally without accruing massive debts. Bear these four key points in mind when you are in the process of building your dream home, and give your build the best foundation for success. Source: