Bridging the Gap

Mobile and Baldwin Counties have been hearing a lot of chatter over the past year about the Mobile Bridge Project, a proposed bridge meant to ease I-10 traffic flow over the Mobile River and Bayway.

The project that is still in the engineering design and environmental phase, is said to begin polling citizens this month to collect data on if the bridge should be a toll bridge, and if so, at what cost.

To provide a better idea of how the proposed bridge will perform, and to give you an idea of where it will be located, read on.

Beginning at the I-10 Virginia Street and Texas Street interchange, the lines would widen to begin the interchange where the Mobile River Bridge is set to begin. Following the bridge eastacross the river, you will be led into the existing I-10Bayway.

There would be no need to enter the Wallace Tunnel as the bridge would completely by-pass the former time-sucker route and have you on your way expeditiously.

The new bridge is said to have a “span skew length of 1,250 feet with symmetrical side spans of 725 feet each.”

According to, these “bridge renderings were developed to provide an interpretation of how the proposed bridge could look from various locations throughout downtown Mobile. The bridge renderings are created in a computer model.”

Proposed view from Water Street, between Mobile Convention Center and Alabama Port Authority:

To see more renderings in the proposed gallery, and to follow the progress of the project, please visit: http://www.mobileriverbridge.c...