Alabama Heritage Magazine Feature

In June 2016, the restoration project of the First-United Methodist Church in Cullman, Alabama was featured in Alabama Heritage Magazine.

Rogers & Willard began restoring the church after the church suffered catastrophic damages from the April 2011tornado outbreak that swept across the southern states, leaving a trail of great ruin.

The stunning transformation can be in the before and after photos, click here. The story printed in Alabama Heritage Magazine is well written and well worth taking the time to read.

The excerpt below was printed online and can be found at their website;

Remembering, Recovering, and Rebuilding Alabama: Five Years After the Storms

By Lee Ann Hewett Wofford

The April 2011 tornadoes that swept across Alabama did significant damage to people and property. Although the property destruction pales in comparison to the lives lost, it still posed a formidable challenge for residents who hoped to rebuild and restore their communities. Five years after that tumultuous day, a preservationist reflects on how Alabamians in Cordova, Tuscaloosa, and Cullman have addressed the damage and worked to celebrate—and, when possible, preserve—significant landmarks across the state.