5 Things You Didn’t Know About Rogers & Willard

  1. Mike Rogers, the president of the company founded Rogers & Willard 27 years ago.
  A native of Mobile, Alabama, Mike Rogers has been working in the construction industry since 1985. Mike is responsible for estimating multi-million dollar jobs and acting as project manager and administrator for large site improvements as well as ground-up projects. After building his career in Tennessee for several years, Mike brought his skill and expertise back to Mobile in 1989.  
  1. Steve Willard, the treasurer of the company has construction experience in four different states.
  A graduate of Auburn University in Building Construction, he has worked in construction since 1984 with companies from North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. Steve has worked on every level of project completion ranging from laborer to superintendent and senior vice president, allowing for efficiency in every project he oversees.  
  1. Rogers & Willard has received over 16 awards for the excellence in construction.
  While we don’t just work hard for the awards, we are always thankful to be recognized by our peers in the construction industry. The full list can be viewed here.  
  1. Rogers & Willard doesn’t only build in their community, they support their community.
  Rogers & Willard has a corporate culture of being active in the communities where we live and work. We believe in giving “Time, Talent and Treasure”! We are a proud supporter of numerous non-profit organizations throughout the surrounding areas as well as vital members of many local organizations and boards.  
  1. Rogers & Willard doesn’t just specialize in one commercial building types, but many.
  We’ve worked with Retail, Automotive, Banks, Churches, Medical buildings and so much more. We also specializes in the entire process of construction including Pre-construction Services, Construction, Construction Management and Design Build.