2016 Construction Trends

New year, new trends, no matter the industry. We’re excited to see what this year will bring for Rogers & Willard and although we aren’t completely sure according to Construction Dive these are a few trends to look out for in 2016.

 Prefab/offsite construction methods

 Building things offsite and then bringing it to the construction site ready to be installed gain traction in 2015 and will continue this year. This building method helps reduce construction time and waste and can potentially save cost. It also offers company more certainty that a job will be done.

 BIM will become necessary

 Building Information Modeling has been a growing trend for years, as it is no longer relegated to just the largest firms. Experts have said BIM provides tangible business benefits, no matter the level of implementation. BIM has the ability to provide more consistent, more accurate and less time-consuming project document generation. BIM users can also expect better collaboration and coordination among the different parties involved in a projects.

 Green building will grow in commercial and residential construction

 Currently, in the residential sector, green building currently accounts for 26-33% of the total residential market. Commercial construction has typically led the pack in green adoption, but the residential sector is now starting to catch up. The growing trend in both sectors is driven not just by a desire to produce environmentally friendly structures, but by consumer demand. This is because it produces higher-quality results and lifecycle cost savings.

 Remodeling will have a strong year

 New builds are popular for developers and home buyers alike, but reconstruction is equally popular. The idea of flipping a home or a commercial space will gain even more popularity this year because it is generally cheaper and can get done faster than building something from the ground up. Beyond it saving time commercial developers have found that they can still get exactly what they’re looking for with a remodel when vocal with expectations.