20 Years and Two Renovations for the New Mullinax Ford

In 1999, Rogers & Willard completed a renovation of the Sales building and constructed a new Pre-Owned and Fleet Sales building for Coastal Ford in Mobile. Almost twenty years later, we received a call from Mullinax Ford to construct a new Sales building and remodel the Pre-Owned and Fleet Sales building at the very same location. We jumped on the opportunity to revisit a former Rogers & Willard project.

Coastal Ford Renovation in 1999.

Located at 7311 Airport Boulevard in Mobile, Mullinax Ford was in need of a new sales building and service center at their current location. Part of that need—which made the project a little more challenging—was that during construction, the existing sales building had to stay fully open and operational. We took on that challenge, signing on to the project as general contractor, and we soon had our plan in place to successfully complete the project.

The project was divided into two phases, the first being construction of the new sales building. As part of that phase, the Rogers & Willard team relocated an existing storm drain to put in the new building pad, as well as built a new 9,500-square foot building that was to house new showroom areas, business offices, and sales offices.

The second phase of the project included removing the existing sales building and creating a new 3,480-square foot service drive and customer service lounge, as well as repaving the entire parking lot, completing a lighting upgrade to the entire site, and putting in new landscaping.

While the entire project was certainly complex as it included many moving parts and pieces—as well as the challenges of working around an existing building that remained open throughout the entire construction process—our Rogers & Willard team was able to complete the projects with phase one completing in January and phase two completing in October.

Congratulations to our clients at Mullinax Ford on their new sales building and service center!