We’ve hand-selected the finest staff available. We believe it’s through their expertise that we can achieve the highest level of construction.

Mike Rogers

A native of Mobile, Alabama, Mike Rogers has been working in the construction industry since 1985. Mike is responsible for estimating multi-million dollar jobs and acting as project manager and administrator for large site improvements as well as ground-up projects.

After building his career in Tennessee for several years, Mike brought his skill and expertise back to Mobile in 1989. Shortly after returning to the area, he formed the company in 1989 and incorporated in 1991. He had one goal in mind: to provide the highest standard of excellence in commercial and industrial construction to clients.

Steve Willard
Executive VP, Secretary/Treasurer

Steve Willard brings years of valuable experience to the company. A graduate of Auburn University in Building Construction, he has worked in construction since 1984 with companies from North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. Steve has worked on every level of project completion ranging from laborer to superintendent and senior vice president, allowing for efficiency in every project he oversees. Steve joined forces with Mike Rogers in 1992. Since then, Rogers & Willard, Inc. has been providing quality, efficient, and safe commercial and industrial construction.

Ryan Ott
Vice President/Project Manager

Ryan joined Rogers & Willard in 2002 as a Project Manager and also serves as a Vice President.  He is a graduate of Auburn University in Civil Engineering with over 20 years experience working in the construction industry.    He has estimated and managed multi-million dollar projects including new construction, renovations, and design-build.  Ryan shares a commitment to safety, quality, and excellence in construction.